Logistics Simulation - Distribution, Warehouse, Inventory
Dynamic Process Simulation
  • Patented NO Coding Environment - Reduce model building time
  • Real Time Data Import - with external tools(RFID, ERP, MRP, EMR)
  • "On-the-fly" - Dynamic model interaction
Scenario Analysis/Metrics
  • Statistical Reporting Tools - Scenario Analysis with full graphing capability
  • Real Time Feedback and Costing Analysis - through various graphs or spreadsheet reports
  • Dynamic Optimization
Value Stream Analysis
  • Value Stream Analysis - Integrated, Dynamic Value Stream and Value Network Mapping
  • Real Time Lean Metrics - Object Routing & Grouping Analysis with efficiency computation reports
3D Visualization
  • Visual Representation - Dynamic 3D Visualization and Animations
  • Custom 3D Imaging - Bring your 3D Environment to Life
  • Real Time Visibility - Integrated 3D Animator tools
Scheduling/Gantt Chart
  • Schedule/Sequencing - Schedule Adherence simulation
  • Dynamic Gantt chart - Integrated process and object schedules
  • Dynamic Data Import/Export to external applications
Simcad Applications - Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics,..
  • Healthcare - Hospital, Clinic, Lab
  • Manufacturing - Automation, High Mix, Job Shop Lean
  • Supply Chain/Logistics - Warehouse, DC, Transportation
  • Services/Document Flow - Banking, Office, Insurance

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